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J.R. Leonard Construction Company is now offering online instruction and training for the installation and maintenance of the proprietary compressed natural gas (CNG) detection monitoring system, which has been in operation across the United States and Canada since 2017. Waste Management National Services requires all contractors and technicians who currently service any WM CNG locations to be certified through this training program.


Currently there is one dates being offered for a fee of $275.00 in 2022 (Note: we do intend to offer more). A certificate of completion will be provided and the presentation will be available for download to refer to after the registrant has attended the course. You will find the registration information below. Follow the prompts to pick your date, pay the fee and attend the course.

Please Note: The cut off time for signing up for any class will be 10 days before the date of that class.

Class Dates & Times


March 16th, 2022 – 3:00 P.M. EST SIGN UP HAS ENDED